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Exclusive avant-première. À BRAS OUVERTS


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Want to spend a exclusive evening?

On the program: Screening of the film À BRAS OUVERTS in French, followed by a cocktail.

Christian Clavier, Elsa Zylberstein, Ary Abittan and director Philippe De CHAUVERON will do us the pleasure to come at the end of the film.

Come and attend this exceptional event on Tuesday 07th March from 8:30PM!

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Synopsis :

Married to a rich heiress (Anne Dorval), Jean Etienne Fougerole (Christian Clavier) is a brilliant and well-known, left-wing intellectual. His last books bombed so he needs “A bras ouverts” (“You’re welcome!”)  his new book – about offering shelter to those in need – to be a success. Invited on a TV talkshow, Fougerole is confronted by a pugnacious journalist.  The discussion grows heated as they debate the proper response to the Rroms issue. The journalist dares Fougerole to welcome Rroms to his own house rather than encouraging other to do so. Cornered, and eager to prove that he is a man of his world, Fougerole shares his address. The journalist is stunned. Fougerole savors his victory. Unfortunately, a Rrom father,Babik (François Damiens), and his family of nine have been watching the show with great interest.  The very next morning Fougerole discovers them on his doorstep ready to move in. For the left-wing writer, his yuppie wife and their idealistic son a complicated and strange cohabitation is just beginning.  It will unnerve them and test every conviction they have ever had …



Tuesday the 07th March 2017.


– 8:00PM to 8:30PM : Welcome

– 8:30PM to 10:00PM : Screening of the movie À BRAS OUVERTS

– 10:00PM to 11 :30PM : Cocktail

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